New Year Resolutions For Your Kids

New Year Resolutions For Your Kids

New year brings with itself a promise of a fresh start and bright beginnings. We adults make resolutions – either consciously or otherwise- to commence healthy routines and vow to become better human beings. Well , not all of the promised made are fulfilled but atleast, some good is done.

So, why not encourage the little ones to kickstart the new year with some easy to follow ‘new year resolutions’?

It is easy to get derailed when the resolutions are set alone but there is a greater chance of success when the goals and activities are family centred. And even if the resolutions are not followed forever, we would have definitely spent some great quality time together as a family.

  • Resolve to eat healthy as a family – include fruits and veggies, locally sourced products and in-season goodies. Reduce consumption of packaged food. Eat together as a family.
  • Include exercises and sports in your routine- take out an hour or so in the evening where everyone can do yoga or stretches. Playing a sport together is a great idea too!
  • Less screen time , more family bonding- play board games together , build 3D models,cook, bake , play board games, card games.
  • Read , Read , Read- be it newspapers, magazines or story books, reading is a habit that will take your little one a long way. Even the parents should read along with the child and set an example!
  • Inculcate the Habit of Saving- always a good idea to educate the children about money and how wastage and over-spending can be controlled.
  • Gratitude and helping others- resolve to help atleast 1 person daily in any way possible and always be grateful to God for all the blessings.

These are just some baby steps that the children can follow to make a change in themselves and their routine. Don’t force the children to do anything, but rather practice before you preach. Parents leave an indelible impression on children, so parents should always put their best foot forward especially when in company of their little ones.

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