We are a team of Educational Experts, who are passionate about each step of learning process of a child from one year onwards.

Our Founders

Pallavi Chandra Singla and Himani Bansal , both are highly educated and driven women. Thay have a masters degree in Finance and Marketing, respectively. After having developed a keen interest in education of young minds, they have successfully completed degrees in Montessori Education and are now trained professionals for it. Their expertise, experience and passion are the driving force behind the conceptualisation and implementation of Tiny Thinkers.

Our Journey

Tiny Thinkers started with some online courses for young children during the pandemic hit years of 2020-21. After recognising the gap in the market for programmes that provide cohesive 360 degree learning experience for young kids, they started designing kits and boxes. The key aspect was definitely the inclusion of all required materials and easy-to-understand pictorial instruction cards. After a lot of research and development and gradual improvisations, Tiny Thinkers has now become a pioneer of customised boxes and activities.

Our Product

We have developed some amazing, theme-based activity boxes and kits that your children will absolutely love! Step-by-step & in-depth learning forms the backbone of what we do! Our founders are 2 mothers- whose personal experience has added immensely to the growth of the brand. Each box is curated with care- to provide excellent learning opportunity and thematic pedagogy.

Our boxes come with a story book , all materials and pictorial instruction cards are included too. We specialise in Travel kits and Thematic DIY boxes for age 1-3 years, 4-6 years and 7-9 years. No Screen time and no hassle for parents, forms the backbone of our product.

Our Services

Apart from our products, we can also organise workshops and live-activity kiosks for your programmes. You can get in touch with us directly or fill in the enquiry form to get a call back from our side.

Where you can find us

We sell our products through our website. You can get in touch with us directly or fill in the enquiry form to get a call back from our side for customised subscriptions, bulk orders, return favours or B2B sales.

We can also be found at Kids-pop up exhibitions and fairs across India, where we showcase and sell our products.

Giving Back to Society

We also strongly believe in reducing plastic and carbon footprint. So only very small , essential quantities of plastic components are used in putting together our earth-friendly boxes.

Our products are carefully packed by hand- thus giving earning opportunity to local women and partially skilled labour.

Our Vision

We want to contribute in building a community where ‘Practical’ and ‘Real World’ learning takes a centre stage for young minds. We want to contribute in the learning pedagogy by supplementing the school knowledge and theory where the students ‘Learn by doing’.