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Space Explorers ( 7 - 9 Yrs)

Space Explorers ( 7 - 9 Yrs)

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Recommended Age Group: 7 to 9 Years

What’s better than to get the little ones to become space investigator? Fantastic experiment , super cool DIY, Fun facts , model building , modern art and an Encyclopedia .What answers do space explorers seek? Who was the first person to research on rockets for spaceflight? Which country first venture into the development and launching of rockets into space? This encyclopedia will answer these and more Whats and whom for you.


  • My Own Solar System: Develops Learning About Solar System
  • Fun With Constellation: Improves General Awareness
  • Discover The Space Objects: Fosters Imagination
  • On The Launch Pad: Builds Up Science Based Curiosity


  • Symmetry Drawing
  • Unscramble The Space Words
  • Spot The Difference
  • Space Word Search

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Customer Reviews

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Supriya swapnam
Not worth the cost

Can be better . It is good but material and quality is not worth the cost.. too expensive. My expectations were more by looking into advertisement. The Base provided of thermocol is not so strong tht it can handle the weight of big balls. Rocket activity was of too cheap quality. The cost should be maximum 200-300 including courier..